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Gould Syndrome Awareness Day 2020

April 12th 2020, will mark our first awareness day, the families and caregivers affected with Gould Syndrome selected this day because of the "4" representing the Collagen IV location and "1,2" for the Alpha chain 1 and 2 locations. The Awareness logo was designed by family friends of a loved one affected with Gould Syndrome in South Africa.


Boy with Gould Syndrome sworn in as honorary firefighter, deputy constable

Boy getting sworn in as honorary firefighter

Darth Vader surprises 8-year-old patient with Gould Syndrome

Boy getting hospital visit post op by Darth Vader

Boston Children's Hospital finds Hope for Child with Gould Syndrome

Girl with Gould Syndrome finding Epileptic answers with Boston Children’s Neurosurgery team

Girl Born in Alberta Children's Hospital with Gould Syndrome

Girl Born in Alberta Hospital with Gould Syndrome

Gould Syndrome Creates Awareness Video

Teacher and Father, Jeff Detlefsen created Awareness Video for April 12th, Gould Syndrome Awareness Day

Gould Syndrome Foundation